Monday, August 30, 2010

Cateye Strada Wireless Odometer

This is a review on an odometer I personally adore. It's called Strada Wireless, and it's made by Cateye. You see, this isn't some junk you get at Walmart for $10, this is a quality unit with plenty to back it up.

The Features
Current speed, pretty self-explanatory, with minimal set-up, you can get an accurate reading of your speed for your exact bike.
Maximum speed, this tracks your max speed for the current trip. Real nice if you like bombing hills for the sole purpose of crazy speed, like me.
Average speed, tracks average speed for the current trip. Next to the current speed, an arrow is shown to tell you if you are above or below average speed.
Odometer, this tracks total distance over the life of the product. You can get thousands of miles logged, it's all up to you. Plus, if you're transferring units, and you want to input a previous amount, no problem.
Trip distance, pretty simple, tracks total distance for the trip. As primary trip, all the above features are included with THIS trip.
Trip distance 2, also fairly simple (seeing a trend here?), tracks distance as a secondary tracker. Only tracks distance, no extra features. Can be reset separately from the primary Trip Distance.
Elapsed time, shows total time you've been biking, not resting, but on the bike moving.
Clock, standard feature, gives you the time. Plus, no clunky watches.

This is by far the easiest mounting system I've ever used. And this doesn't apply to just biking. This stuff is easy. Best of all, no tools needed, everything is included.

So here's how it goes.
The sensor, this is what picks up how many times your wheel is spinning, and thus, how fast you're going. Place it on the fork where you want it, and zip tie (included) to the fork.
The unit mounter, wrap the mount around your bars or stem, add a bolt-like item. Done.

Customer Service/Durability
Here's how they tie together. First of all, I've dropped the little guy a few times (hopefully, I'll be a better parent) and it's held up fine. But when I'm chilling on the nice, safe, simple road, and someone calls my name while I'm riding with only one hand, and I pull the brakes at 2mph. Well.......let's just say it was mounted in a bad spot (bars, top-most spot of the bike). The screen cracked pretty badly. So I called Customer Service in a hope that maybe, MAYBE I could get another one for cheap. Well they did better, I got a replacement for free, yeah, FREE, they even paid for shipping. I just had to send the broken one in. All covered under warranty, I'm not sure of details, but I've had the thing for years, so there's no 90 day crap.

I do believe MSRP is around $60. But don't worry. I got mine on Craigslist for $25 used. And I've seen countless other places selling it for $40ish.
Or buy it here on Amazon Cateye Strada Wireless Bicycle Computer

So good luck!
And here's a picture unrelated to the post. But hey, it's awesome.


  1. I used to have one of these as a kid, Highest I got was 40kmph always tried for the highest numbers

  2. Everything about mountain bikes.

    I need a new one.

  3. my uncle is a biker i'll link him to this

  4. Yeah, I love this product. Hope your uncle likes this stuff.

  5. I've been meaning to get one of these for some time now. You inspired me to go out and do more research again. Following your blog.

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  8. thats really cool actually

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  11. bout time I invested in something different than a cat eye lol that stuff was garbage!