Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Biking > Running

Why is biking better that running?

     Well, let's take this on a recreational level. You're able to go a lot faster. Why is this good if it's only for rec. you ask? Because rec. is so you enjoy things and have fun. And going fast covers more distance, thus, more to see, more to enjoy.
     But what else is better, well, your health is better. You can get just as good cardio from biking as you can running. It's also a ton easier for your joints (knees especially). While when running, you're constantly banging your feet against the ground, and restarting that motion over and over. In biking, you push down and carry that motion up and down, no hard bangs or clangs.
     Is that all? Of course not.  It's easier to talk to a buddy when your biking rather than running. For a few reasons, running wears you out faster, you get all huffy and puffy and can't talk. Biking, you can feel burn, but you're not excessively tired. Biking is usually quieter in the overall noise level too. While running you have the clapping of feet on the ground, in biking, you only have the hum of the tires (and the clicks of the hub if you stop pedaling, so don't stop).
     You don't have to worry about dropping things, like water bottles. While in running you've got to hold it or wear it in those stupid waist-strap things. Biking, bottle cage. 'Nuff said.
     If those things can't convince you, then stop reading my blog. And finally, a seat. Yeah, simple and sweet. You get to sit down while you exercise.
     So next time you want to go recreationalize a bit. Go grab that dusty metal clump in your garage and give it a spin.

Happy trails fellow bikers. (And don't be afraid to mow down some joggers and their dogs (but don't really, that's messed up)). Pic for pleasure.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What Bikes Not to Buy

Okay, nice and simple post today. Nothing complicated for you guys. What bikes should you not buy?

There could be many different answers. It could depend on what riding style you have, where you live, price range, etc, etc. But for all people, of all age, of all regions. Do not buy the piece of shit department store bikes. You know what I'm talking about. Bikes from Walmart, Target, Kmart, those places. Those bikes are complete and utter shit. The wheels are weak and bend (sometimes taco), the brakes will glaze, the grips will rot, the components will wear quickly, the seat is uncomfortable. And most of all, the thing weighs a metric shit ton. Bikes like these
But how do you avoid these traps? Well first, if you're in Walmart, it should be obvious. But how else? Well, there's things to look for on bikes of such nature. First of all, you can look for kickstands, just about ALL quality bikes, do not have kickstands. They're extra weight and provide little usefulness. Also, an excess amount of reflectors should inform you. High end bikes don't have many reflectors, if any, they're useless. Also, on the fork, useless bikes commonly have the rubber scrunchies on the forks. This isn't always the case though, high end bikes occasionally also have them. Finally, price, most good bikes will cost about 200 and up all the way into the thousands. Junk bikes are almost ALWAYS below 200.

Good Luck not buying crap! And a picture to make up for the one above.